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General info: This classic cannabis hybrid is often referred to as Sour OG, but mostly we all call it Headband. The genetics of both strains are identical, which name is used really just depends which grower or seedbank that the flowers/seeds came from. Right when the effects kick in the brain is activated, so much so that it can feel like we’re wearing a headband. This is where the subtle, earthy hybrid gets its sometimes disputed name. Grow info Headband is a cross between beloved strains OG Kush and Sour Diesel. This cultivar tends to give growers an easy time and as such, is fine for beginners. The mostly Indica strain can often be confused with a Sativa as the effects come on very much like a Sativa before settling heavily into the body. Headband likes to grow both in and outdoors, but due to its finicky nature it does best in an indoor cultivation. Flowering will take around nine weeks with a generous yield. Indoor grows can expect up to 21 ounces off of each plant.

Super Sour OG

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